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June 2019 Public Blockchain | Launch of Space Data Center | Luxembourg's human centric AI strategy | US Luxembourg Space Cooperation Agreement | SingularityU Gary Bolles Keynote

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Luxembourg announced the creation of the first public sector blockchain during the Infrachain Summit organised on 23 May, demonstrating the country’s ambition in leading the way for tomorrow’s fi...

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Singularity University's Gary Bolles keynote at Luxembourg ICT Spring Conference "The Six Superpowers of AI"

In his keynote at the ICT Spring event on May 22nd, Gary Bolles spoke about impacts and opportunities created by machine learning / AI and other exponential technologies on the Future of Work. “...

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Luxembourg Space Agency launches Earth Observation Data Center

The LSA Data Center has been created to support businesses in Luxembourg with reliable, fast and intuitive access to data streams from the European Copernicus Earth Observation programme. Marc Serres,...

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A National AI Vision that Prioritizes People

On Mai 24, 2019, Luxembourg’s government has made its vision for AI known via a newly published strategy report that advocates, first and foremost, a human-centric approach. As AI grows beyond the ...

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Luxembourg will host the 2020 Cleantech Forum Europe

Luxembourg has been selected to host the 2020 edition of the Cleantech Forum Europe, a major international event in the field of clean technologies. The forum will provide excellent opportunities for the exchange of ideas on the latest cleantech trends with leading stakeholders from all over Europe. It will also showcase Luxembourg’s most dynamic organisations and projects in the field.

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United States and Luxembourg sign memorandum on space co-operation

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the United States of America signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that will serve to catalyze and significantly deepen cooperation between the two countries in ...

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